People said they were “hurt” by a list, but not by sexual assault.

People said they were "concerned” by a tender, but not by sexual assault.

People tweeted a lot about "cause X", but nothing about sexual assault.

If you didn't tweet enough about "Cause X", you were a baddie. If you didn't tweet anything about sexual assault, you were excused.

"Our events are *always* inclusive" they said. Inclusive enough to endorse sexual assault.

Someone said "you are X or you aren't – there are no grey areas". People clapped.

The same people said you can either commit sexual assault, endorse or ignore sexual assault, not tweet to support victims of sexual assault or be anti-sexual assault (whatever you fancy).

People said we support women, but not “those” women.

People said we support justice, but not that kind of justice.

People said “we are your friend and want to help”, until you needed their help.

People said a lot, but not about sexual assault.

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