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RogersHistory Revise History GCSE

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  1. The Depression of the 1930´s + Quiz

  2. Roosevelt´s First 100 Days

  3. The New Deal and Alphabet Agencies

  4. The End of The New Dal 1939 - 1941

  5. The Red Scare and Mcarthyism

  6. Changes for Women in the USA

  7. Kennedy and Johnson + Quiz

  8. Nixon and Watergate

  9. Reagan and Reaganomics + Quiz

  10. The Popular Culture in the USA

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In this unit, you will explore the major economic, social and political changes that occurred for different groups in American Society. Beginning with the impact of the Great depression and its effect on society in the USA in the 1930’s, you will then see how America recovered through Roosevelt’s New Deal and the onset of WW2. After the war, America became a certified “superpower” and in the remainder of the unit you will explore how that status effected the lives of women and young people in particular. In the latter half of the twentieth century, we experience some significant presidencies and you will finish the unit by focussing closely on the impact of the Kennedy, Nixon and Reagan presidencies.

The USA in Transition

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The Depression of the 1930´s

Tutorial examining how the Great Depression of the 1930´s affected life in the USA.

The New Deal and Alphabet Agencies

Tutorial examining the impact of the New Deal and Alphabet Agencies in the 1930´s.

The Red Scare and Mccarthyism

Tutorial explaining how the Red Scare of the 1950's allowed Senator Joseph Mcarthy.

Roosevelt´s First 100 Days

What changes did Roosevelt make in his first 100 days in office?

The End of The New Deal 1939 - 1941

Tutorial explaining how the New Deal came to an end and a evaluation of its success.

Opposition to the New Deal

Tutorial examining the motivation behind and impact of opposition to the New Deal in the 1930's.

Kennedy and Johnson

Tutorial comparing the relative achievements and failures of Kennedy and Johnson.

Nixon and Watergate

Tutorial explaining the key events of the Watergate scandal and its consequences for the USA.

Reagan and Reaganomics
Popular Culture in the USA

Tutorial explaining the economics policies of Ronald Reagan and an assessment of how successful they were.

Tutorial explaining how popular culture developed in the USA between 1930 and 2000.

Changes for Women in The USA

Tutorial explaining how life changed for women between 1945 and 1970 due to the womens movement in the USA.

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