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List of videos in this section

In this unit, specifically aimed at WJEC History students, I talk through various exam papers in the style of the 2015 examination series.


This is perfect for any student wanting to know the type of questions to expect but also what the examiner is looking for, as I mark different questions and also look at marks awarded by WJEC examiners.

Exam Technique advice and guidance

USA 1930-2000 Question 1
2015 style

In this tutorial, I look at a previously answered 2015 style question paper.

The paper is based on the Black America Unit.

Germany 1919-1947 2015 Style

In this tutorial, I look ahead to the Summer 2015 Germany exam by looking at a sample paper.

USA 1930-2000 Essay Question
2015 style

Tutorial examining how to answer the 12 mark essay question on the USA 1930-2000 Paper.

Britain 1931-1951

In this tutorial, I look ahead to the Summer 2015 Britain paper by looking at a specimin paper

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