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Flipping History


Are you interested in a new approach to curriculum innovation and delivery? I started to look at introducing the flipped learning approach into my lessons back in 2013 and since then have continued to experiment with it in my classroom.


      What will education look like in the year 2060?

              Salman Khan (creator of Khan Academy)

      What is flipped learning?

              Aaron Sams (original creator of flipped learning approach)

      "Why I flipped my classroom?"

              Lodge McCammon

Finding Videos

The world renowned Khan Academy is a great place to start for free videos on all aspects of History

The BBC Class Clips collection is an often overlooked resource but has an amazing amount of free and high quality clips available

John Green's Crash Course Youtube Channel contains more than 400 e-learning videos lasting around 10 minutes

Making your own videos

It might be that you just can't find exactly what you are looking for in terms of content or delivery. Here is where you come in! If you want to take the leap and start making your own videos, there are some great bits of software/kit out there to help. I decided to copy Salman Khan after researching what he used to make his videos. Below is a list of kit you could buy that would allow you to screen record, edit videos and add annotations easily. Also, you will want to host your videos for which I recommend either or Udemy.

Wacom Bamboo Tablet

Plug this in via USB and convert your screen into a blackboard using smooth draw and screen recording software. At less than £40, you can't go wrong.

SmoothDraw is free sofware available through CNET. Use it to create a canvas/blackboard and then write/create over it whilst screen recording.


Camtasia has an in built screen recorder and is amazing for editing any videos. Its so easy to use and lots of support via their website.


Screencast allows you to freely host videos (and quizzes created with Camtasia) for free. It also allows you to password protect different files. 

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