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"Nominate a teacher"


The idea behind this project is simple; to reward two special teachers for their contribution to the lives of the young people they teach. Do you work with someone who you think is truly brilliant? Please nominate them. It could be for their consistency and commitment or it could be for a particularly exceptional thing they have done. It could be as simple as turning up every day whilst they are going through a particularly rough time. To be clear - they don't need to be on twitter etc! all nominations welcome! It's important that the person nominated is a classroom teacher. Please give as much detail as possible in the nomination box. If you want to include information from more than one teacher, then great as well - jut copy and paste their statements to accompany yours into the box. 

This project is one part of "teachmeet icons legacy projects". This is an idea we (the organisers of the events and our network) have had to go beyond the day and to make a difference to the lives of the teachers in our networks, even in some small way. "Nominate a teacher" is one small part of this.

On this occassion, I (Tom) will personally turn up at their school to teach their classes for that day. I'm currently in between jobs and would love to do something a bit different - this being it! I will do this for free so no cover costs for the school. I will obviously need the permission of the nominated teachers headteacher (please see form entry; "permission from nominee headteacher secured". If you are yet to secure it, don't tick that box and I will contact the HT). Watching me teach Primary could be fun!

The selected two teachers will get a free spa day on the selected day. The selected day has to be between the 27th January and 21st of February. I am currently looking for companies or individuals who are interested in sponsoring the Spa Day. The two teachers will be selected on or before Friday 24th January and announced via social media after confirmations with schools involved. 

Nominate a special teacher for an extra day off!

Thanks for submitting!

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