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RogersHistory Revise History GCSE

Britain in Depression   1931-1939

In this unit, you will start by finding out why Britain's economy struggled in the 1930's. You will explore how the government tried to tackle the problem of unemployment in Britain by introducing a range of measures, including the "means test". There are further tutorials covering the impact of the depression on the standard of living and the Jarrow Crusade. 

  The Depression in Britain

Tutorial explaining how and why the depression hit Britain hard.

The Means Test

Tutorial explaining the origin and application of the means test.

The Jarrow Crusade

Tutorial explaining the story behind the Jarrow Crusade.

List of videos in this section

1. The depression in Britain
2. The policies of the National Government
3. The Means Test
4. The impact of the depression
5. The Jarrow Crusade
6. Popular sport and entertainment

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The policies of the National Government

Tutorial exploring the policies that the National Government introduced to tackle the depression.

The impact of the depression

Tutorial examining how the depression impacted on the standard of living in many areas of Britain.

Entertainment and Sport

Tutorial outlining the role of entertainment and sport in peoples lives during the depression in Britain.

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