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RogersHistory Revise History GCSE

Britain on the homefront 1939-1945

In this unit, you will start by finding out why Britain entered World War Two. You will explore how public opinion changed in Britain up to 1939 and then look at the main events in the first year of Britain's war. There are further tutorials covering homefront life including rationing and evacuation. Finally, you will consider the role of Winston Churchill and how and why he was such a significant and successful leader of Britain.

  Appeasement in the 1930's

Tutorial explaining why and how Britain followed a policy of appeasement in the 1930's.

Rationing in Britain during WW2

Tutorial exploring the introduction of rationing in Britain during WW2.

List of videos in this section

  1. British Foreign Policy in the 1930's

  2. Britain's preparations for war

  3. Rationing

  4. Evaucation 

  5. Britain at war 1939-1940

  6. The Blitz 1940-1941 + Quiz

  7. The Role and Significance of Winston Churchill

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Britain's preparation for WW2

Tutorial explaining how Britain prepared for war against Germany.

Evacuation in Britain during WW2

Tutorial examining the impact of evacuation on the British population during WW2.

Britain at War 1939-1940

Tutorial examining the key events in Britain's war between September 1939 and the summer of 1940.

The Blitz 1940-1941

Tutorial outlining the key facts about the Blitz.

Tutorial examining the role of Winston Churchill during WW2.

The Role and Significance of Winston Churchill
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