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Opportunity Makers

In October 2015, I made the fateful decision to quit my then school with no job to go to. That December, I wrote a little blog about why I was leaving which I published on my own little obscure blog.

At this time, I had a twitter account with a following of less than 500. I was very fortunate that Jon Severs came across the blog and asked if the TES could publish it. At the time, I remember being so excited at having something published! The original blog went viral – thousands clicked and read. It was then that I met Ed Dorrell – the content editor of the TES, who today announced his departure from the publication after more than 10 years of journalistic service.

When I first spoke to Ed in the January of 2016, he encouraged me to write another article for TES online. I had lots to say and my second blog was then published which again went viral. After this, Ed gave me the opportunity to write weekly for the TES. This was at a time I was technically unemployed, although just starting up my new business. Ed put a lot of faith in me, allowing me freedom to submit what I wanted and always giving me really positive and constructive feedback from an editorial perspective. We shared laughs when responses to articles were “mixed” and he was someone to turn to in those early blogging days for me when I was new to the hubbub of social media. We met at the BETT show that year and struck up a friendship. Since then, we’ve shared pints – including at the oldest pub in London (!?).

Ed and I - a sneaky selfie, Practical Pedagogies, France, 2016.

As of today, I’ve written more than 100 blogs for the TES and I’m very proud to have written for them in this time – admiring the work of people like Ann Mroz, Ed, Jon and many others to this day.

Without Ed (and Jon), I wouldn’t have been able to share what I have or had the platform to do it. I’ve loved writing since I was a kid, and its been such a pleasure to be able to do it for an actual audience!

Ed's example is one I look to myself in my own work nowadays – especially on social media – looking to give people those same opportunities whenever I feel I can. Seeing the individuals involved with teachmeeticons develop the way they have has been thrilling. I can’t take any credit for that development as I learn much more from them than they do with me. But i'm fortunate to be able to give an opportunity or two these days. We can all do that I guess? When we feel it's right?

Thanks a million Ed and every other person reading this who has taken a punt on someone they’ve believed in.


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