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My Top 5 Youtube Channels that feed my History habit

1. Epic History / Channel Link >

Highly recommend watching all the parts to the Napoleonic Wars. Graphically brilliant and strategic detail, this channels gives superb overviews of key battles and conquests, many of which overlooked on other similar channels. Looking forward to tucking into this new video on HMS Victory...

2. Mark Felton Productions / Channel Link >

This channel is cool because it goes off the beaten track with stuff that you genuinely will not know, no matter how many mainstream docuseries you have watched. Felton always delivers something to make you want to click, and when you do, you are never disappointed. Want an example? Check this one out...

3. Vasile Luga / Channel Link >

This guy has uploaded one of thee best History documentary series ever made - Battlefield WW2. I've no idea why Youtube haven't taken it down yet, maybe because it was made in the mid 1990's? Well, I've watched series 1 and 2 about 50 times over, which benefit from the insanely austere narration of Tim Piggot-Smith (RIP). Also on the channel, CNN full 'Cold War' series.

4. Imperial War Museums / Channel Link >

Sorry this is 20th century centric again, but it has to be on here. Regular, high quality content. A sprawling mass of free content taking advantage of the rights and privileges the museum has when it comes to access to material. Production values always excellent. Knowledge to be trusted.

5. The History Squad / Channel Link >

Kevin is brilliant! The History Squad sponsored TMHistoryicons from 2015-2018 and now they have their own (very successful) YouTube channel featuring the man himself talking you through anything and everything that fascinates him. Of course, you get the usual object demos too!

My own channel is NO WHERE NEAR as good as these, but if you want to subscribe, I'm here >

Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoy these fantastic channels!


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