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My top 9 unintentional ASMR sounds (in education)

I swear I haven't gone mad (yet), but if you are interested in or use ASMR content as an educator, this blog is for you.

Teachers are always on the look out for ways to relax and wind down. Running works for me, when I can get out. A few years ago, I stumbled upon a video on YouTube which was apparently teaching me Russian. In actual fact, it was one of the best known “ASMR videos” on YouTube. It worked! Meaning, it relaxed me and (remarkably) made my brain switch off. The BBC have written about ASMR and some have became unlikely "stars" of the genre. I’ve been regularly recognising so called “unintentional ASMR” content since 2015. This is content that people have produced for no ASMR related purpose but stuff that “works” in the same way. Listening on headphones works best, and switching off all other distractions. I would love to hear any feedback on this and whether I am, in fact, bonkers!

Phil Longwell; “IATEFL Talk” - Brighton (screencast presentation)

twitter: @teacherphili

Time: 25:38 minutes

Phil is an old friend of mine. In this video, he talks about improving the mental health of English language teachers.

Sophie Bailey, The Edtech Podcast – Episode 1 with Ian Ashman, Principal of Hackney Community College

Twitter: @soph_bailey

Time: 26:57 minutes (listen from 5:30 onwards)

Ian Ashman seems to have one of the best ASMR voices I’ve heard, ever. Ian will no doubt be bemused and possibly worried I’m stalking (his voice) by listing him here. Sorry Ian.

Draw a Border Collie Puppy by Colin Bradley Art

Time: 1:00:37 minutes

One for art teachers, Colin Bradley is the UK equivalent of ASMR legend Bob Ross. In this video, he draws a puppy, and it’s oh so therapeutic. It also has some pleasant musical interludes that remind me of a waiting room at the dentist.

Martine Ellis: “the making of the teaching space podcast”

Twitter: @MartineGuernsey

Time: 9 minutes

I started listening to Martine’s podcast for teaching ideas. She has some very simple but excellent ideas here, but I quickly realised she also has a voice that sounds like Keira Knightly on Jackanory. Listen to this episode and I dare you not feel more relaxed by the end.

Mary Myatt on the School Leadership Podcast (Podcast version here)

Twitter: @MaryMyatt

Time: 24:00 minutes

Mary is the Joanna Lumley of Education.

Why not digitise everything? Bedfordshire Archives

Time: 7:21

Thanks Bedfordshire archives for this presentation (perfect for history teachers) of why digital archiving is a bad idea. This woman deserves an ASMR medal. One of the best unintentional ASMR videos I’ve seen.

Priestly, Politics and an Inspector Calls

Time: 32:43

Mr Jonathan Peel, Head of English at The John Lyon School BA Hons (Classics) KCL, Postgraduate diploma in Opera Studies, RSAMD, PGCSE English (Brunel).... has a very calming manner!

Pastoral Priorities: "Stress, how to respond".

Time: 15:56

A video about how to deal with students who are stressed that can be the perfect ASMR medicine.

Priestley Lecture for GCSE English

Time: 32:43

A relaxing ASMR session on 'Inspector Calls'

And one for fun (I mean, the whole thing is fun):

A suit fitting from TM Lewin…

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