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Moving On

I have some news. Last week, I was granted early release from my contract as assistant headteacher at my school and have left the school and returned to the UK.

I joined the school in January this year after being approached several times by the principal for this specific role/project.

I arrived at the school during a very challenging period as it embarked on a phase of rapid change under a new principal. Within my first weeks into the job, I identified many opportunities for the school to improve after three consecutive "satisfactory" inspection reports leading up to my arrival.

I worked as hard as I could to suggest, initiate and introduce new policies and systems that could help the school develop.

During the summer, 50% of the teaching staff left the school.

The new teachers who arrived this summer are enthusiastic, positive and professional and I particularly enjoyed my few weeks working with a new cohort of NQTs. It saddens me to leave them so suddenly at the start of this term, but I knew a few weeks ago that it was the right time for me to leave.

I was really pleased I was able to influence a number of key developments at the school for 2019/20. A new behaviour/sanctions model has been introduced, the performance management policy has evolved and the teaching and learning direction in the secondary school had developed.

The principal has published the following about my work:

“It was a real pleasure to work with a passionate professional such as Tom Rogers. Tom joined a ‘satisfactory’ rated school before the start of a significant pedagogical change. With Tom’s Teaching and Learning knowledge, determination and passion for education, he played an essential role in various phases of planning, initiating and supporting a school to raise its standards during this short-term project. I was very impressed by his practical suggestions to improve learning at a school on its journey to reach a rating of ‘Good’ for the first time in its 12-year history. He is open, hard-working and committed to improving the quality of teaching. He remained at school for a further half term to take new staff through a short induction. I recommend Tom for any role in supporting teachers, developing pedagogical knowledge and creating a collaborative culture.”

If you wish to speak with him further about my role in the school, he is willing to take calls/emails (contact me for these details).

As in all the schools I’ve worked in over the last 13 years, I have learnt a huge amount about myself, teaching and school leadership through this experience which I hope to use to continue to support other teachers entering and remaining in this great profession whether at home or abroad. I will be continuing my work directing teachmeeticons as we head into next year with English, Science, PE and MFL teachmeets on the horizon in 2020. If anyone has any further proposals or ideas for me to consider, please do get in touch. I am now actively seeking work. I am particularly keen on part time and/or temporary history teaching roles at the moment either in the UK or abroad.

I know a few people have voiced concerns about my wellbeing these last months, especially during and after “listgate”, and some have even noticed subtle changes in my social media output this year. This was a very challenging project for me but one i'm proud to have fulfilled. I would like to thank everyone outside of work who has supported me so much this year, too many to mention but special ones for my family, Georgina Young, Kate Jones, David Jorgensen and Maria Montes.

Edutwitter has been a great source of help during this period. Even little messages from people I don’t know have inspired me on. Thankyou and maybe see you soon!

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